Face to Face with Big B

As a kid, growing up, I was crazy about Bruce Lee first and then Amitabh Bachchan. But as I grew up, I am no longer crazy about Big B or even watch his movies; in fact, I barely manage to watch a Hindi movie in a couple of years. I feel Hindi movies are way too long and I would rather sit at home and watch someone youtube blog.

Coming Back to Big B, As a growing up young kid, I wanted to meet Big B, but Dad never had the time to take me to his bungalow in Juhu, dad never fancied idolising these stars, I suppose.

So last year I happened to be at title waves, where Amjad Khan’s son has written a murder thriller book and Big B was there to launch the book.

My first impression was, his whole body language was so full of gratitude, he was humble and “not aggressive”. Also, I thought he was one of the most good looking men out there. So that’s it, guys, summing it up, I feel if you want to find someone who is the most “cultured” public celebrity, Big B wins it hands down, you just can’t beat him in culture (tehzeeb would be a better word).

These are some pictures I managed to capture below.



Discovering smoothie

I was not a fan of smoothie. I think a smoothie is made of yoghurt, while a milkshake is milk based. But anything blended well forming a homegenous mixture is what I would call a smoothie.

I dont like like the taste of milk and recently I have discovered that yoghurt don’t suit me. So my options is now limited to nut based milk like soya or almond. I use soya mostly as it’s much cheaper than almond milk and is a bit creamier than almond milk which is very watery.

Also if you research on the nutrients, soya milk has more protein than almond milk. So now to get all those fruits and the goodness inside me, I got this epiphany that a to blend them and gulp them would be the fastest and the tastiest way!

I got this Oster smoothie maker at Amazon for Rs 1750/- which is pretty good for the price. It has a bottle as a blender attachment which doubles up as a smoothie dispenser. Now that saves some washing time?

Also so I have been hearing every hipster talking about the goodness of chia seeds, not to be left behind, I got myself some chia seeds. 🙂


The Mind tries to find patterns – A Story about childhood friendship.

Have you said to yourself “Man why does this happen to me all the time?”. Have you observed, how many close calls you had in life, I mean I could have been dead when I was eight years old. I had set up this lab on the balcony of my house, and I was at least getting one electric shock every day trying to become the next Einstein.

Yes, my childhood dream was to become a scientist, but my Dad thought I should become an Engineer and manage his business. So I did become an Engineer.

A couple of weeks back I was missing an old childhood friend Rajesh of mine, I mean we grew up like brothers, but then we lost touch, and a few days later I found Rajesh sitting at the table across me and sipping his coffee. We both recognised each other, but we didn’t talk.

I realised we weren’t kids now, I found him grumpy and felt it isn’t worth working on the old relationships now. Yes, you might say, “how cruel?”. Yes, I feel sometimes, I don’t have a heart, the cold-blooded way in which I manage to conduct myself.

But then again after a few days I meet another Rajesh, who tries to help me with some important work. Here my mind, starts talking to myself “ Woh, God compensated me with another Rajesh”

But hope you are getting the drift, all these coincidences happening to me, I am building a pattern, I am linking the first event “My remembering of my childhood friend” to the other 2 events.

I know, we all love connecting the dots…

But stop there, just don’t connect the dots and let it be! Trust me; you will save yourself a lot of bothers.




deborahsk0 / Pixabay

Learning iMovie

So, I purchased an eLearning course to learn the tricks of making a movie. Before I begin the course, I decided to see how the software works. I want to use the film for mainly editing the various video footage I take on my DJCAM ( a GoPro type camera).

Below is the video which takes about 3 minutes to create because of the imovie presets of a movie trailer. I don’t know, how I would be able to make a better movie than this, but then would do a before/after three months video and see if the investment I made in the course was worth it.

Conversations from the coffeeshop today…

So I forgot my headphones again, and now I am forced to listen to other people’s conversation. Here are some examples today.

1) A young (lower) middle-class couple on a matrimonial date. The boy tells her (in Marathi), that he likes her nature. The girl in her mind does a small victory dance followed by a high five. They chatter inane stuff for a while and then get out.

2) A bhai looking person with a tattooed arm, is mouthing such bad words without being self-conscious (bhenc.. , la.de) Of course if he were self-conscious he wouldn’t have been a Bhai but would be in a corporate job. (My bad).

3) Two guys from the corporate world come in, if the Bhai’s are a disgruntled lot, then the corporate guys are the over satiated men. They have this overwhelming sense of overachievement. One guy has such an authoritative tone that the entire coffee shop could hear what he is talking, but he goes on oblivious to his surrounding, this is just an extension of his meeting room and not a public space, speak of the sense of entitlement.

Well.. Now I have to get back to work

OVAN / Pexels

Body Intelligence

 As long as I can remember, I have been fighting with my physical self, i.e., my body. As a young kid, I was always envious and in awe of my school mates, who excelled in physical sports & athletics. I had a friend who did like 100 meters in 14 seconds.

I always wondered why I could not run as fast as him. Once in school, a friend hit me on my back so hard; I had difficulty breathing, (it was just a game, like the first person who spots, will hit or something). I wondered what kind of strength he had. (He was a Muslim). Again one guy in school, almost caught me by my neck and lifted me in the air (or so I thought). No I wasn’t bullied as somehow I had the school bullies as friends, but these were some instances as growing up, I felt the physical powers of others.

Constant sickness, be it a stomach bug or sore throats and skin allergies were my favorite companions. Now I see my physical illness as a gift, not as a disease. I try to listen to my “body intelligence”. I don’t even listen to my mind. If my body says it can do something, I will do it. Otherwise, I won’t. It’s what you call “gut instinct.”

So I welcome any physical ailments like I would appreciate a teacher and learn from it, the lessons she wants to teach you. My life probably doesn’t need me to run the 100-metre race in under 14 seconds or do a full marathon. Maybe my life needs a little bit of sickness to make me rest a bit and appreciate all that that I have loved and lost.

I have been trying to look cool for too long.


My entire adult life is going in trying to look cool. The thing is a lot of different people think, different things will make them look cool. I am a kind of social rebel, what people consider being cool, I would try to do the opposite of it.

Popularly people think being successful and owning houses and cars is cool. I have gone all out to make “being poor” look very cool, and so far I seem to be succeeding well.

Now I am wondering what I achieve in this attempt of mine of being cool to prove a point to other people whose definition of cool is skewed (which I think is materialistic ). I am now tired of proving to the world there is another way of living. I just want to be!!

 I don’t want to be a rebel and be a cool dude. Will I succeed in not being cool?

My apple aged 40 days – story.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 9.10.58 PM

Okay, I received some apples as a gift on 22nd May, but you know, I was not in a mood to eat apples. I don’t store apples in the fridge, as I know they have a pretty stable shelf life.

Then one morning, I realised, from the time I wake up around 8.30 to the time I have breakfast around 11.30 -12 pm, I need to eat something to keep my stomach from aching, so I decided, I would eat an apple till I make it to the breakfast table.

So after about 40 days, I wondered if I could still eat this apple. I posted on social media, asking my network, whether I should eat the apple or throw it away. 98% percent unanimously said its better to throw away. But a couple of people did suggest, apples are quoted with edible wax which increases their shelf life.

I cut the apple, and saw that it was mildly brown, I took a bite and it was crunchy and quite sweet almost like it was plucked out of the tree yesterday.

On doing some research on the internet, it seems like apples are sometimes stored for nearly a year in a freezer before they reach your table, and most apples nowadays are chemically treated so they don’t oxidise. But it rather safe to eat them, only it’s less nutritious than the apple freshly plucked.

“To slow the proverbial sands of time, some fruit distributors treat their apple bins with a gaseous compound, 1-methylcyclopropene,” the USDA states. “It extends the fruits’ post-storage quality by blocking ethylene, a colorless gas that naturally regulates ripening and…

That apple you just bought might be a year old – but does it matter?
By Alice Dubin and Chris Serico on www.today.com


Long-boarding weekends in Sobo

So, I am spending my weekends in Sobo, mostly working all afternoon at Starbucks at Fort and then Longboarding for an hour in Sobo around Fort.

Fort has some good traffic free lanes, and the roads are not bad. Also, another reason I hang around fort is for some cheap food. 🙂

I love you baby but face it, she’s Madonna aka Long Distance Relationship

Everyone surely has one going for them; we cannot survive without an imaginary, fantastical long distance love affair. Can we?

The long nights spent on the telephone, the sexy voice which touches your soul, the lies we made up were the lies we told ourselves to survive our boredom and our hopeless situations.

We never had enough of each other; our love was insatiable and larger than any real life relationships around us. We wanted to come home to think about us.

Our real partners thought we were delusional, and they had the occasional outburst of insecurity, but then they knew what we were going through, as they were also in love with some Salman Khan of their dreams. Besides, long distance relationship are platonic, and our partners feel a particular kind of sadistic pleasure out of seeing us long for something which is not ours.

Baby, isn’t this how marriages survive the monogamy? A long distance loves affair during the middle age crisis. Security kills our wild spirit and needs for exploration & adventure, doesn’t it? This is certainly the best of both the worlds, isn’t it?

Her numerous photographs hidden in the secret folders in my phone would drive me crazy with longing; it would drive me to desperation. The wish to shorten the long distance to less than an arm’s length was the start of the break-up of the long distance relationship. In this passionate quest, all other relationships were going to be destroyed.

But better sense prevailed, the long distance relationship was kept at a distance so that the flame of romance would burn all life long.

Listen to this song below to cheer up!


I have become the king of Mumbai and how?

screen-shot-2014-11-15-at-1.58.31-pmA long time ago, A friend looked at my kundli and said, I would be the king of Mumbai. Since I had tremendous faith in her, I believed her and had been waiting for a windfall, expecting some Portuguese King to give me a dozen of flats in the posh areas of Mumbai. But that’s not happened so far.

So Its got me thinking, till recently I realised that, people having a lot of houses in Mumbai won’t make them a king of Mumbai. Also, this king and queen stuff is pretty embarrassing stuff to proclaim when there are about 60% of the Mumbai population living in slums.

The right definition for anyone to be the king of Mumbai is someone who can beat the traffic, which is slowly killing the Mumbai-ites. I have achieved the enviable task of beating the Mumbai traffic. A couple of years back, I sold my car because, with services like Uber and Ola around, I found maintaining a car, was painful, you know remember the stuff about servicing and repairs, parking woes in the city.

After moving around Uber and Ola, I decided to try the Mumbai Local Trains, and suddenly I started feeling extremely mobile and empowered, I could have breakfast in Matunga, Lunch in Powai and dinner in Ballard Pier and still manage to meet all my appointments and finish all my work.

The Mumbai local Train is magical, once you master the routes, you can zip around the city, trust me.

I would again reiterate, the person who can travel the length and breadth of Mumbai is truly the king of Mumbai.

Is Reading a good thing?

This Question is a no brainer, everyone believes that reading is good; it makes you knowledgeable and erudite; it makes you a respectable bourgeois gentleman, it is what separates you from the lower ignorant class. But does it make you happy? Is it good for your relationships?

One of my dad’s friend was a prolific reader, the amount of books he had to give away, to make space for more books (though he used to live in a 3BHK) was a proof of his voracious appetite for books.

Once his wife remarked, that “Reading is a very selfish thing” and I believe she was talking from experience. I didn’t understand the seriousness of the statement then as I was a ten-year-old kid, but now I know what she means.

I have started avoiding all kinds of social situations and even relationships so I can be alone and read that is when I am not earning a living.

My reading is not as broad, I read about urbanisation as it helps me in my work, I read non-fiction and business books. I restrict myself to mostly Indian Authors. Recently I met a bookshop owner and he made me aware how much more I have to read, he showed me curated books from all over the world; he recommended a whole new genre in international authors. I bought so many books he recommended. I didn’t understand this greed in me, why do I need to read so much, where do I have the time?

You know, if you are interested in dating a girl, don’t give her Gifts or expensive jewellery, but spend your resources on something which you could do together. For example – A romantic dinner, or a picnic or go to play or a music concert, whatever but it should be something which she shouldn’t be able to consume alone.

But a person, whose only interest in Books, might get in trouble in a relationship, I mean reading means solitary confinement, it means years of introspection of oneself. It means an insatiable thirst for knowledge and information.

It may be that people who love books wish that they weren’t married, that they didn’t have children, and they had all the time for themselves to read all the books in the world. At least, I wished for it.

Maybe if all people in a family love books, then it wouldn’t be so much lonely for them, that would be a perfect family for a book lover. So if you love reading, I just hope that your reading is not at the expense of someone else’s loneliness.

There is a book by Junot Diaz called “This is how you lose her”, where the protagonist is so involved in enjoying his life by himself that he loses the love of his life.


Memorable Drives.

As long as I have been conscious, I have always been in a car, either being driven when I was a minor or driving with someone, or driving alone.

I have driven a lot, most of the times alone, and lot many times with families and loved ones.

Driving with someone is a good opportunity to know someone, due to the circumstance of proximity, you and your companion end up talking and a kind of intimacy develops between you.

When the roads are never ending, you tend you slip into your inner consciousness. I have been aware of great compassion and love from my fellow companions during those long journeys.

Mostly my driving has been for work and only a couple of vacations. But I have had some revealing insights about my loved ones when driving. When I look back, I feel glad I took those rides with them as those 8/10 hours on the road, made me understand them much better.

Now I don’t drive, but I am looking forward to a trip with someone, somewhere on a beautiful, long winding roads, into the future.

Learning to Fight Back

As far as I remember, I was labelled as the “obedient child” a little bit early in life. An obedient child is aptly rewarded for good behaviour. Even as a child one tends to understand that one has to exhibit proper behaviour, which mostly meant “Just keep your stupid mouth shut”.

This enormous burden of a sweet boy label creates an extremely repressed young boy. The obedient child doesn’t get a chance to rebel; because of the following reasons

1) Complete denial of access to the outside world and interactions.
2) He is made entirely dependent on his parents.
3) By reiterating by action and words, that your parents can take care of all your problems.

I am not saying that this is all deliberate actions on the part of the parents, but it may be just how parents are, they want to control their creation. I hope though some enlightened parents know better than this?

I am no longer an obedient child; in fact, I have rejected the society as it is, I am one of the biggest critiques of societal norms and the superficial values it imposes so that it can make compliant citizens of everyone.

But being an armchair critique is one thing and fighting back is an entirely different ball game.

I have never learnt to fight back for my rights, because fighting back most of the time means hurting the very ones who said, they would protect you. Fighting back means telling the people you respect and sometimes even love, that they are hurting you.

Sometimes there is a such a thin line between what is rightfully yours and what’s not? It is like the predicament of Arjun who drops his weapons when given the task to eliminate his elders and loved ones.

Life is messy and it gets dirtier when faced with such a dilemma, but one has to fight and I hope I learn to fight, and always fight for the right cause.

in sickness & in health, I will be stand by you.

Till the time, you don’t push yourself, you don’t discover the biggest limitations of your life, which is undoubtedly your physical body. To fire on all cylinders means to live a life totally, with all its dangers and complexities, but there is a catch here.

The moment you start firing your 3rd barrel, (presuming you an economical four-cylinder car) you find yourself falling behind, the more your mind leaps ahead, the farther your body lags. You have two choices at this point 1) Pull a trigger and blow your fucking brains or 2) Listen to the adamant body, listen to your body intelligence, and slow down, and start aligning yourself with its nature.

Since I am alive, it can be safely presumed that I have chosen the more reasonable option 2.

As you try to reason out, the first question which comes to one’s mind is “Are you going to die and when?” “Do I have an incurable disease or something life threatening” (though all your reports are normal), but your suspicions persist. As you bear the pain, day in and day out you begin to wonder, “when will I get relief from this humiliating illness?”  or “Will I lead a life, limited by the inability to do things which an average person does and enjoys?”

An unhealthy person is unable to fulfill his commitments towards himself and to his loved ones. The sick body never can be good at work too. These are some of the most challenging thoughts which cross the mind when sick.

We usually blame ourselves for our sickness, like we shouldn’t have overeaten or binged on so many deserts. I know people with simple habits dying way too early in their life while the drunkards and the smokers are still alive and kicking.

There are two ways of dealing with your sickness again

1) To think that all that is happening to you is because of the wrong habits you have or the bad things you put into your body, both physically and emotionally.

2) Then there is another way, which I believe some African healers say is that your Health is the sum total of your environment (that includes your ancestors Karma also), and you can only do so much about it.

So I guess, as long as we desire to achieve more and more, we will realise our body disables us and keeps us grounded.