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Dont let your parents wake you Up!

Here is a story about my childhood. 

Every morning during my school days I was dragged out of my bed at 6.30 am , given a bath and hair oiled and sent to school to attend at 7.30 am. I HATED IT!!! 

The point I want to make is, it is not really important to wake up in the morning, the phrase “Early bird catches the worm” is a medieval quote and not relevant to our times. During medieval times, there was no electricity and people had nothing to in the late evening so they went to BED early and woke up at dawn, continuing to do so in the INDUSTRIAL AGE, where a person had to reach the factory before the bell rings.

The whole sleep cycle was invented for people to work and be better in factories assembly lines. So unless you are a working in assembly line, there is no need to wake up on time. 

So the question to ask PARENTS is

Do your parents want you work in factories when you grow up? Is it the reason they are spending all their HARD EARNED money on your education. If the answer is NO, tell them to leave you alone and let you sleep it out. 

If My Life was a musical production.

School – My name is Anthony Gonzales , Muqadar ka siqandar, mere
Nasseb mein tu hai ya naheen, key pag ghungroo Meera nache re…. Teens – some guys have all the luck – Rod Stewart , like a virgin,
beat it, I am bad, dancing on the ceiling, we are the world. Wham, I
want your sex! Faith.

Late 20’s : Insatiable – Darren Hayes. My name is luka , kal ho na ho Late 30’s- The thrill is gone – B B king , I was born under a bad
sign, beatles, rolling stones. Dylan. farida khanum.

Ligyrophobhia – can it be related to childhood trauma.

I cannot stand loud sound, I cannot stand people who talk loud, I
cannot stand people who have loud behavior or loud gestures (like
shaking hands in a death grip).

I am sure everyone doesn’t like these attributes in people, but I feel
I am just too sensitive about loud noise, particularly non rhythmical
loud sounds, particularly when it sounds like two people arguing. (I
love loud rock music though)

Many times people use talking loudly (sometimes with cuss words) as a
strategy, so they can be a bully, it’s a deliberate behavior
adaptation. It is actually an art which when perfected can help you
triumph over others just because of good loud roar. But I know how to
recognize these actors, I don’t get irritated or intimidated by their
loud put on. But when I hear someone talking loudly or arguing in a raw street
fight manner, I am really put off, rather my heart starts beating
faster, I get a mild panic attack.I want to go and slap the person and
ask him/her to shut up. I think I suffer from the fear of loud sound.

My earliest memories of loud sound ( when I was barely 7/8 years old
maybe even earlier) are of my parents shouting and fighting like cats
and dogs, things were really bad, it came to fist fights. May be it’s
a childhood trauma? This is my theory, what do you think? Do you fight in front of your
little kids ever? Hope no parent ever does that.

Growing up

I grew up in a middle class neighborhood of goregaon,
WTF, entire goregoan was a middle class place, I suppose it still is. I walked or cycled to school, I ate vadapav in the recess and quenched
my thirst with gola and some colored sherbet.

The only treat I got from dad, was an occasional movie and ice-cream
at the movie theatre, of-course there were restaurant food, but food
was the least of my interests, and he took me along when he went to
Singapore and Malaysia,nepal. Yeah and juhu beach is the only place to go on special occasions
growing up. He was a busy man, and as a single parent, one gets
severely handicapped. The stress of managing kids and home and
business is tremendous. He was a super human, and i would say he did
50% of the job well.

The entire childhood memory for me is very unreal and hazy. It is
something I would have loved to erase it forever, there was no joy
growing up, there was nothing new or interesting to look forward to. The reason being I was over protected out of choice, a unfair analogy
would be, if you can’t take a dog out to the park to play, so you lock
it in the house.

I have been living my childhood, in my adulthood and through my late
thirties. That’s my effort to reclaim the lost 20 years of growing up. So how many of you think I’m childish or need to seriously grow up?