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“wange” means brinjal/aubregine/eggplant , most of leva patil
community in Jalgaon are jokingly called “wange” cause they love
brinjals . So this is my dinner today , baingan barta and bakri .

MTR Ready to eat

As you know I have to travel and stay about 12 days a month in my factory at Jalgaon, getting access to descent food becomes quite a hassle.Jalgaon MIDC has no descent restaurants and only dhabbas, which have swarms of flies hovering around the food

, which the local laborers really don’t mind.I guess hygiene is a matter of perception.But I save a lot of time with this ready made packs, i have a water heater on my desk,which i use for heating this pack.

I am generally skeptical about these ready to eat stuff, as my conditioning was probably “fresh is good”, fresh is the first choice but packaged can be the second best, when you don’t trust the food served in the local restaurants.

One of my favorites is the Diet Daliya, try it, make a great energy snack.Others like kadhi pakora,Bhindi masalsa,alloomutter are equally good.

Strawberry and Dahi

Adding picuteres is a sure way to improve the blog,yeah cooking is a new found passion,im still learning the subtle nuances,here is a simple snack, doesnt seem calorie concious though.
I love strawberies, but cant have it standalone, i prefer Dahi instead of cream and icecream. Just add Dahi to the strawberries make sure the dahi is not sour, add a bit honey if you love honey,i love this snack, dahi as a base for salads is a very good idea,please do suggest more improvements:-).