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The 3 kinds of love deals

The 1st deal –

If you love someone and the other doesn’t love you, you are bound to compromise, on everything and anything and make it work. Right?

The 2nd deal – 

If the other person loves you and you dont, than she/he would go to all extents to compromise, and make the relationship work out. 

Now which sound like a better deal?

The 3rd deal –

When both are equally in love with each other, now how will you know if they aren’t lying to make it work? The person lying might be in the relationship just because it is convenient, just because of habit. 

I am skeptical, is there anything like equal love? wouldnt it be lovers utopia. 


Why ” HELP ME, HELP YOU” doesnt work!

Everyday someone or the else asks you for help, sometimes they are very basic things, sometimes there may be very tangible efforts required.

I had a employee when I asked him for one favor, which falls outside his purview of work, the next day I will be asked approximately 3 favors in return. This kind of defeats the very altruistic purpose of helping someone or asking to be helped. As a consequence, I dread to ask anyone for help. 

“HELP” is the social currency of poor and middle class, the richer people can offer cash in return. If we were not helped by a relative/friend in our lives, you know we would be no-where. But sometimes people want to trade in more than what they can give in value. As you know there is no standard empirical formula to calculate the value of a favor done to you or you have carried one for anyone.

This causes me lot of stress!

Lets us “HELP” , let us only have only rich friends and relatives. Is it neccessary in life ’ That if you scratch my back, I will scratch your back” ? The old world works on this principle and as a consequence we have frustrated, repressed, not appreciated people. 

Lets face it, if we are not in a positon to “HELP” . Lets say a resounding “NO”, and if we want to help, let it be thrashing “YES”. 

If you like me, want such a place to exist, Make only rich or extremely poor relatives/freinds/aquaintances because as soon as you find someone equal, our mind goes in to insecurity complex always playing the one upmanship game, which is not amusing. 

The key 2 strategies of extremely successful sales men.

Yes! Eureka. I have discovered and now blogged the secrets of the only
2 successful strategy of extremely successful sales men. Strategy 1- Create scarcity

We all know, there is plenty for each one of us, but the best sales
man creates a fear psychosis in the minds of the client. He has to
make his client believe the resource is so scarce and if he doesn’t
buy he will be left out of the rat race, he will have missed the
golden opportunity.
This should work and make your client beg and plead to reserve that
product or service which you want to sell.
If this doesn’t work, use the 2nd one

Strategy 2 – Wish abundance Now, fear strategy works only on weak and stupid people. To sell to
the intelligent people, use the abundance strategy, as we all know the
intellectual is greedy and very ambitious by virtue.

The idea is to convince the client that your product/service will make
him rich, he will be the smartest dood in town, she will have the best
boobs in town, or whatever it takes. You get my point?

How to become a hero in 3 easy steps

Sorry for the corny title again, but thats how Iam.

This is again one of my game theory. Game theory is basically a set of
options you have to choose to arrive at your decided goal.

The entire ecosystem of a game theory is of-course much more complex.
This is just entertainment, and life is a cosmic game which the
universal consciousness has decided to play. So read on and become a
HERO History has many heroes, do you want to be one of them?  where your
great grandchildren can proudly enjoy the fruits and rewards of your
heroic deed. Taking a decision to become a HERO can make sure, your
next 7 generation live like royalty. (ex:Nehru/Gandhi dynasty)

Rule number 1: Be ready to live life on the fringes. For this you have to belong to the poor-class or the upperclass. Any
major changes in geo-political-economic scene, these are the two
classes which get affected first. Middle class can only think
about upgrading their lifestyle and I don’t see any hope of a hero
there. The whole idea is to be at the forefront of the change and
lead. Look at most of the political leaders today they are either from
poor-class or the elite class.

Rule no. 2: learn to accept ambiguity in life. In simple words there are no rules, there is no right and wrong. Hero
and devil are just the opp sides on the coin. If a hindu
fundamentalist leader can drive out the remaining 10% of the Muslim
population (in another act of genocide) out of India. He will be
hailed as a HERO (if he already isn’t) who saved Hinduism. Get my

Rule No. 3. Be on the winning side, they write history books. If Germany had won the war, Hitler would have been declared a Hero.
But since Germany lost, the allied powers wrote the history text book.
So take a call early on which side you want to be on. Remember the
person who wins is going to write the history text books which your
great grandchildren will read in schools.

How to find the right spiritual group for you.

There are many times when I am down and out that I turn to
spiritualism, and fortunately there are many such spiritual groups in
mumbai where entry is available.

Here are a few pointers if you are thinking of joining such a spiritual group.

1) what makes the group is the kind of members it has, I go with a
group which generally don’t talk much and only meditate. I have no
patience to hear sales talk, I can think and decide for myself. 2) I also avoid groups where there are too many of unmarried girls,
then the average IQ of the group will generally fall way too low. Also
if you think they would be interested in you, you cannot be more
wrong. Remember you joined the group cause you were down and out, and
they aren’t looking for such down and out guys.

3) Also sometimes you will find the occasional jerk usually employed
with a BPO who will try to chat you up about words he has heard and
read like ” meditation” ” past life regression” “think and grow rich”
“Napoleon hill” etc. Either you leave the group immediately or punch
him in the face. 5) Also since I am single I tend to gravitate towards group where
there is lot of prasadam, like free food, dinner types, I mean who
wants to come home and cook after a nice meditation session. The last
group I left was cause of less food.

5) then finally there are some spiritual groups where you will be
asked to do chores and then burden you with responsibilities. I run
away from such groups as fast as I can. If I was a responsible kind of
a person, why would I be down and out, doesn’t it kind of defeat the
whole purpose of joining the group. I hope these 5 points help you in finding your right spiritual group.

Game theory: Dating 3 steps

I lead a blissful single life without any hatred, jealously, anger,
resentment, envy or angst. But I would be untruthful if I say I never
been tempted to marry again.

I was actually going to call this post “How to find the right girl and
get married in 3 easy steps!” but then thought the title was too

Read further… Step 1: Internet is the best place to find a date, as social
networking sites like FB and Twitter have already made things easy
with access to lot of attractive pictures.
Now that you have added her as a friend, and are allowed to comment on
her status, and chat with her occasionally. Find out whatever you can
about her, without sounding terribly curious or naive.
Let’s progress further, shall we? 

step 2: She is not going to give you permission to call or text her,
until she meets you in person. So arrange a coffee or after-hours
drink meet. Now that you both have met and liked each other, and have
reached a comfort level. But to reach the 3rd level you need to do a
bit more, buy her a beautiful birthday gift, shower her with
chocolates and flowers. IF she is impressed and you have already started
dating steady, but still she is not going to get married to you for
chocolates alone. Step 3: This is the most difficult one to pull off, now that you both
are hanging out and meeting often. You really need to show her, your
place in the society. You have to dine and wine her, if you happen to
meet the rich guy next door, stop him and introduce her as your
fiancé. If you are in a social gathering wave across to the people and
pretend they are acknowledging your presence. Don’t ever wear
bermuda’s shorts, sleeveless Tshirt and slippers, when you are
expecting to see her.

Now this is how you find the girl and keep her. As for me, I can only write.

Keep all the people who you love close to you!!

This must be one of the most primitive and essential human needs. The need to have all the people who love you and who you love, close to you. 

This must be the reason why people marry each other, have kids together, so the bond is difficult to break off! This is the reason why a father wants his son to manage their family business. This is also the reason why people want to marry their sons and daughter in the same community or caste.

Every relationship then becomes a win-win deal. A husband expects a wife to do her bit, wife expects a husband to be a good provider. Children are expected to marry the right girl/boy and make parents proud. I have difficulty following these rules of the society. 

It does make the community stronger, the family stronger, but sometimes it stifles the individual, does it?

Well I have been scheming now, I want to keep people I love close to me, I want to create such give and take relationships. But I have nothing to give, I can only take.

Who would want such a deal. What do I put up on the table?? I don’t belong to any caste or community, I dont belong to any religious/political/business groups. I am not a businessman/father/husband/ or a son. 

These questions are bothering my mind!!!

how to become Charismatic

I often wonder what makes a person charismatic. Is a person born charismatic? I would say yes to a point good genes do matter, if you are handsome good looking plus brains (which also is sign of good genes).But on the other hand one can find beautiful, handsome people who are not charismatic. So what are the essentials qualities for being charismatic? Being a good orator is definitely a must have, being kind and compassionate is very essential quality. Besides having complete understanding of the mysteries of life, one needs to back these up with good analytical and scientific skills too. Then the world is at your feet!

Charisma actually means holding the attention of a person/group/crowd/mob, which focuses all their attention/energy on you and nobody else. This can be possible if you have the above mentioned traits. But if you lack these superlative qualities, never mind you can be still be Charismatic. Let me tell you how?

*Before this let me clarify, I haven’t done any big deal research on this, nor am I a charismatic person. But yes I am aspiring to be one.

Ok so you want to be a Charismatic person?? Follow these steps.

·         Never let a discussion or an argument go against you, if you cannot intellectually argue about this, use guerilla tactics like diverting the topic by unsettling the person who is winning the argument by hitting on the Achilles heel of the person. For this, one has to be very hardworking, you should have your research done, you should know what can unsettle the person. If there is no opposition to you, you are going to be the undisputed king, and will have everyone’s attention.

·         Make sure you have your bunch of cronies wherever you might want to show off your Charisma. These are the people who will amplify your jokes, clap whenever needed, divert any doubts in the mind of the doubtful thomas’s.

· You don’t have any orator skills, and haven’t read a frickin book in your life. You don’t have to worry. Whenever you are in a spot, and have been asked to speak, you can rattle off some quotes by Confucius or Nietzsche. You don’t even have to learn it, all you have to do is store these things as sms in your mobile phones, and if some idiot ask you explain those, you can just give an monalisa smile.

·         The last thing is compassion & kindness, this is the toughest one to recreate and all your act can fall apart. But I have solution for this also. When you have your chance to shine and show your charisma, this is the time you should disengage your mind of the fruits of the charismatic effect you are going to reap, this can make you look very kind and compassionate and selfless.

You should also inform all family member and close friends, that they should never advise you or scold you in public. the worst thing could be you mom telling you to take care of your upset stomach or your elder brother/sister advising you to invest wisely, or your wife mocking at you in fornt of her friends.You are the Mr. Know it all.


Finally the charisma needs to be sustained, a few pointers on that

·         Remain as mysterious as possible among your target worshippers, never let them know, why you cry at night, or how you lack confidence and always doubt your skill and ability.

·         Spread rumours about yourself which can make people envy you. This can be about your underworld connections, your numerous sexual exploits. The weirder the better! Keep feeding the rumors, this has to be consistent.

·         It can be a PR nightmare if a loser looking picture of you should land up on social networks like facebook or twiiter. Shoot a portfolio and digitally alter it with celebs, or a few vacations in exotic looking locations think (cuba,brazil) with women who don’t have the same skin color.

·         Remember if you can fake it, you can make it. So at no point you should sound or look like broke, and if by some chance you can’t show the money, you can always claim to be an activist, whose super rich dad has disowned you.

Ok I guess Im all done, all the best!