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Sexual fidelity was/is unthinkable for me. Seems this is not the way a
marriage works, well how would I know I was inexperienced after all it
was my first one. She needed attention and I needed someone I can
talk to and really bond with. The usual ideology of a marriage is what she believed in, I had
fresher ideas. We parted our ways, she gave me a chance, she asked
“will you behave” . I said I love my freedom more than anything else.

I love our shared past and I love what we share and always will.

Should we switch to a polygamous society?

I guess after reading the title of the post, you might say ” what a MCP this guy is” .

But beleive me polygamy works better in a womens favor.

We were historically a polygamous soceity and sometime in the past, the brahmins and the vaishnavas probably decided to make the law so the power of the kshatriyas could be controlled, as a non heir for the king would eventually turn power in the hands of the brahmins.

Isnt raising kids expensive?

Wouldnt it be better that the richer men have more wives and more children?

Wouldnt it be better that girls get married to a rich guy than a person who cannot pay his bills and comes home drunk every evening? 

Wouldnt it be better if the women can stay at home and rear the kids, rather than leaving her toddlers in some creche in a hurry?

Ofcourse the masses will revolt, a entire generation of poor people might not get married, but what we will have after one generation is a more equal distribution of wealth.Not such banal and atrocious disparity between the rich and the poor.

The girl child when she becomes a women can select the most capable man to take care of her and her children. Given a choice wouldnt a women marry a man with more wealth and security?? (Yes ofcourse it quite a darwinian thing to do that, gold digger is just a derogaroty term created by other jealous women).

So what do you think? “Can you as a women share your husband with someone else? Another interesting question would be ” can a man share his woman?” .

I think muslim laws allow a man to have more than one wife, maybe its time to change the Hindu and Christian law.

Husband for sale -letter to mom in law

It’s been a hell of time, since my divorce and people have been
nudging me sometimes not so gently that I should get married. My
sweetest sister even suggested that I should seek professional help on
my fear of commitment. I told her “hey Sis all the girls want to marry
someone with money”.

One married friend remarked ‘manoj why don’t you marry her(random girl)”
I said “hey let me have some more fun”.
Then he rebuts “how much more fun are you going to have?”

But the point is men are not biologically meant for marriage, it’s all
these beautiful women who tempt them. Men are sperm donors and need to
spread their good genes, while women do all the rearing and
housekeeping. It’s because of women that men are stuck to a 9 to 9 
job! But I can no longer take the pressure of being single and happy,
because it’s too bloody safe, and I should bet. Also since 99% percent
girls want their man to be rich, so I can only try my luck with 1%
girls who already have rich moms. (only moms worry)

So here I am putting myself for sale, and below is my pitch to my high
class mom-in-law. (only moms worry)

Dear mom (in-law) I am a hardworking middle class guy looking to be a husband for your
high class daughter. I believe your daughter is over educated and
wants a husband who will look up to her.
And I know you are worried sic, (while she is painting the town red),
cause there are narrow minded guys who will start calling her
unpleasant things (slut) just because she is crossed a certain age!

So mom in law show me what you got and I promise I will be a ass(et)
which will appreciate (old men are like wine) unlike your daughter who
is of a depreciating value, and pls add a few zeroes more cause of the
prior experience!!! So please go ahead and fill the bidding form below since I being the
hardworking middle-class man, have a target of X amount of money in my
bank account by the month end.

Love you!