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Mind expansion and Re-wiring.

As a series of blogpost about this mid life crisis, which is currently going strong in the 9th year, I post this another theory of mind expansion and re-wiring of the mind.

I believe there is only one quest in life, that is the expansion of the mind. 

MIND EXPANSION is an attempt to expand your mind so your capacity to handle the complexities and ambiguities of life become increasing good, you become adept at finding solutions to the myriad questions life throws at you. In turn you are able to take new challenges often, and you are never stuck in a rut.It can also be termed as changing the frequency of your brain from alpha to theta at will.(Most of us operate from the alpha frequency). So how  do we do this?? 

Well if you are smart person like me, you sleep and sleep and dream and dream, and if you are a billionaire smart guy like bill gates, you hire a couple of nuero-scientists and pay them a few thousand dollars to pass a few electomagnetic waves into your brain and you can become Gandhi or Hitler for a day, depending on your appetite for risk.

Here are a few other ways you can expand your mind in a quick way. For ease divided into 2 categories.

a)External stimuli or b) Internal catalyst.

Some examples of external stimuli

  1. Go travelling to exotic places.(europe is a good choice) and people in the west should come to India.
  2. Try physically challenging stuff, like running marathons, climbing everest, rowing across pacific ocean or Indian ocean.
  3. Earn a lot of money, so that you can change the external stimulus. Think big cars, exotic houses, and hedonist vacations.
  4. Chase beautiful women (be a Casanova, if you have the skill.) Surround yourself with beautiful intelligent people.
  5. Do stufs like physical work-out, competitive sports (body stretches work extremely well for me, it literally streches my mind)
  6. Walk out of your marriage or relationship, or better be ditched!! 

Some examples of internal catalyst are 

  1. Try intoxicating stuff like smoking, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine etc…
  2. Do things you love, example:reading,writing,dancing,music or even work (if you love your work)
  3. Be in the presence of enlightened person.
  4. Meditation 
  5. Love & compassion.

My frustration comes from the fact that yes, I have attempted at least some of the above stuff , but has my mind expanded? doesn’t look so, right?

if my mind has expanded why are there more questions in my life than solutions, why do I take such a long time to get my answers (if at all I get it).

But what I have observed is that the questions have become much more tougher and complex, is this a sign that my mind has expanded or is in a dilapidated state.


Disclaimer: I am not an expert, and all these theories are just a way to amuse myself and improve my writing skills. Readers are the sufferers!

Magic & Awareness, my mantra for now.

I would like to wake up each day with a new mind/body/soul, fresh and light. But I wake up, instead with the issues and problems of yesterdays, and I wonder, how can I resolve all my past issues, before the day ends,why cant a day be like a movie which ends with all loose ends tied up! So tomorrow when I wake up I can say “Carpe Diem” and throughly have a kickass day! 

Iam wondering can our problems and complex issues which are there because of our deep rooted belief’s be resolved, if one sets one mind to it, then I suppose, I have a very bad will power, or maybe I lack focus.Is will power or the ability to focus on a complex problem the only answer to getting rid of problems/challenges of past and also problems/challenges which arise momentarily on day to day basis?

Maybe I should list down these issues, with two columns.

  • Long term issues 
  • Short term issues.

I have done this in the past, sounds a bit silly, doesn’t it? Short term challenges if not dealt on time, become into this huge issues, which becomes almost irreversible, but we stupid people discover these issues only when it become fatal, like cancer which is in majority of the situation’s discovered at terminal stages.

So it becomes highly imperative that you resolve small issues on a daily basis or as soon as you can, right? The more you delay on your part to diagnose the minor cancer cells(issues), the more chances of it becoming life threatening. 

Not being able to diagnose your problems at an early stage means, you have been living in unawareness!! What worries me no end, are the problems from the past, which have now become too huge, will it take me down, like a last stage cancer? So my last chance like a terminally ill person is to expect a miracle and believe in “Magic”. I  am convinced that all that all that can save me is “magic”. (So I even bought a book on magic.)

I would like to quote a wonderful quote on “magic” i received from Divyaa Kummar

Every word is an incantation,
each thought a spell.
Use your magic

So if you have read me correctly, to get rid of my baggages and issues of the past, seems only miracles can save me, so  I need “magic” and to see that my small issues and problems dont go undiagnosed and are treated on time, I need to live in awareness!

 So do you believe in magic? do you know how to be aware? 

The cure for dumbness

I dont know about you, but i felt very smart from the age of 17 to 36, but now that I am no longer in that attractive age bracket, I have been feeling overwhelmingly dumb about myself. Its terrible to know, you are not smart, witty, good looking and not that fit also.The delusions of youth leave you by the time you have 2 kids, but for me it went on for a quite a while after that.

But this year 2010 is a rude awakening, its just realizing that you got be fast, swift, not miss opportunities, make the most out of everything, yet not do those callous things which you will regret. Yes! I guess I have become wise. This was never the case before, i took up whatever came to me, never thought about the long term implications.
Being wise, is painful, somehow I feel now I dont have the luxury of being callous like i did earlier, I hate it! But I am trying to endure this painful transition from a boy to a man! yes that what I think, I am becoming a man at 37?? never too late….
I wonder if I can survive this, they say the 40’s are the new 20’s. Will I get back my enthusiasm and jest for life? 
Till then I am trying to find a cure to my dumbness!!! Adios! 
Here is a song to suit my mood.