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A playlist of 15 Top Love Rock Songs compiled by Tim Grierson

This is the playlist I created from a excellent article on About.me article on Top Rock Love songs http://goo.gl/A0RUS . Unfortunately there are hardly any bloggers who write about music, there are hundred thousand food blogs, but not a single good blog on music. I plan to start a music blog in about 5 years time, till then I am educating myself.

So enjoy the top rock love songs! *I just couldnt find one song by smashing Pumpkins “By Starlight”, the rest are there, hope you like it.* 

New Playlist for September

When you want to shout and scream, the next best thing you can do is listen to music, and play it really loud, this is one such day, I have closed the doors and windows of the house, and everyone in the house is wondering “one of those days”.

Here is a playlist of the songs I have been hooked on for August and September. As you know i love “the Blues”, so the last few songs are blues. Also discovered Ray Charles by accident, he is an amazing musician, would you believe it he went blind at 7 years and what a genius. Do listen to more of his tracks. 

I love Jazz, but I love Jazz blues more, attended an interested Jazz concert at NCPA a couple of weeks back, the singer was Diane Witherspoon, she has got one hell of a Jazz voice. 

What else! Play it loud…i recommend…and if you appreciate this labor of love , throw in a few dimes (comments).