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My love is

My love is silence,
it is deeply meditative.
It is 100% giving.
You can see it my eyes,
you can also feel it when I smile. I wish it was the “screaming for attention” kind of love, maybe then
we could have hit the right notes.

if I inked your name on my skin, will you appreciate
or cut my nerves to write your name on the wall. Should we paint the city red in my car?

I am figuring how to turn this “silent love” in to a “screaming love”
so you can feel loved.
I will serenade you with a song and Our love will have all the bling
of our current times.

Never stop caring….

You know one of the days when your past catches up with you, this is one of those day(s). Sometimes, you can love (romantic love) someone and not care, but deeply care for someone else, and thats the beauty about being a human being, you can care for a lot of people, but then I suspect you can only love one person. OR Can you love more than 1 person?? *naughty smile*. I am particularly good at caring for a lot of people. This probably stems from my deep rooted inferiority complex. Someday I will blog about it, Do read the few lines below and see if it makes sense. 

I could never love you, but you never left me

You took all and never looked back!

But did you really leave me? 

I never loved you, but I could never stop caring for you! 

If I had anything more of value to give 

You know I would give it up for you, albeit with a painful smile

But, now will you leave me alone? forever???. 

My subsconcious said you were the one, 

but i could never love you! 

So stop walking over me and leave me alone. 

Ain’t I funny? 

I care so much for the one I never could love, 

and don’t really care much about the one I really could love.

Is this guilt? or maybe I am built to care for you,

and I am proud that I can care for you,

and not so proud that I couldn’t love you!




Extra-marital affair

Haven’t been writing any romance on my blog lately. So here is another
corny romantic poem. I am the king of corn! 😛

You are hot
But your husband is short
Use his money, take my love
And let all your blues disappear .
I have no right to dream about you
Sinse you are not mine
But I don’t know how to stop these recurring day dreams of you and me.

We are soul mates don’t you see?
I understand your quest for outward journey, but for the inner journey
it is going to be only me! I am your best friend’s husband and you say it won’t do.
But has anyone made you feel better than I do?

Listen to your heart, We have known each other from years ago,
And if you need to tell me something, you just need to raise a brow. Hope we never meet and our love dies in our hearts.
But who knows in the end, God’s will might still survive!

Tug of war

Here I am hanging on the edge of a cliff,
On a slender length of rope called “hope”. The war is between the devil on one side and the deep blue sea on the
other side.

Yes i am getting fucked up on both sides!!
The devil breaths fire and burns up my brain, while the cold blue sea
beneath freezes my steel balls.
The war is between destiny and free will,
And the chances of me making it safe, is optimistically quite slim.

The compassionate & diabolic deep green eyes of the sea makes me a
poet while the steely mirror like grey eyes of the devil asks me to
face it and be a man. The only thing on my mind as I hang on my hide,
Is that death is almost certain on either side.



Here is a Poem sent to me by my sister. 



I was holding daddy’s hand, and peeping in to the cradle.

There lay a small bundle with closed eyes, all red and wrinkled.

I glance up at Daddy; he looked at you proudly,

Looking back at you, I realized that I will have to share daddy with you.


I hated you a bit, as sharing everything after 5 years of dominance was going to be difficult

I don’t remember, did I pinch you or slap you a little,

Or did I pull your leg and hair!!

You were a cry baby and seeking attention all the time.


I guess, I got used to having you around, as you were a nice child,

I couldn’t be angry with you always

Somewhere my anger changed to love

I became your god mother and like a mafia fought for you among the building kids


I was naïve to think that you needed somebody to hover over and fight for you

You were capable to take care of yourself.

I despair; when world do not treat you well

Your tears and hurt, shreds my heart


I pray that HE bestows you with happiness and peace

Physically I may never be there for you, but remember I have you in my prayers

You are still my little brother, whom I saw 38 years ago

Only difference is that now I look at you with love and pride.


Love you always


The Bedroom

The curtains have changed colors

blue brown black

The lights are always dim

Mirrors always reflects the  true faces

Its always quiet and all the chaos cannot come in here

and there is no where to go outside

The energies are of love laughter togetherness

It is the place where I love most to be alone.


Soldier of Love

I am a soldier of love

and I am here to blow my own trumpet!!!

Enough has been written and said about the soldiers of war and peace

How about appreciating this unsung hero?

Whose only job is to wear a peice of his heart on his sleeve 

and offer it to someone who is ready to receive.


The tired soldier in me, wants to go home 

but the mission is to come back with all the pieces of my heart intact 

I cannot find the2 missing pieces, the culprits are absconding.

How would I have known,that those innocent kids will do such a thing to me?

I swear In future I would only give it to someone who promise to return it back to me

Never again I am going to be taken for a ride.


People say how nice I am, and I smile back and say, 

It’s all part of my divine duty maam!

But would be nice if you give the piece of my heart back to me and dont do, what those 2 kids did to me.

since I am weary and I want to go home!