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Quantum Leap of consciousness.


Since you guys follow me, you must all be very well how quantum physics or quantum mechanics works. Well, actually no one in the world knows how it works, so lets not kid ourselves.

Quantum mechanics is the study of electrons (or something like that) where the electrons exhibits un-predictable behaviour while moving around its orbits. It basically jumps randomly and its like, now its here in africa for a moment and the next moment its in antartica. (You get the drift?) . Hence the electrons has infinite probabilities of choosing a orbit or a path. So some modern new age philosophers now say that science can support and explain some supernatural or mystical behaviour. Anyway lets cut the jargon.

In a practical sense for a human being , if right now you have “X’ number of problems. and if in the next moment its been completely replaced by “Y” number of problems. How would you feel? Yes, thats is possible, you create your own destiny, you choose what you are.

Now the tricky part is choosing, the choosing “for a 3 bedroom house” has to happen in a non-ego state, then only the quantum law applies. ( I would highly recommend the movie “The Quantum Activist ” to understand all this in depth).

Ofcourse the catch is to reach the non-ego state? how does it happen? Be aware?

Projection Vs Imagination

The word Maya in sanskrit means to measure. You can only measure something which has a centre a fixed point. 

When i mean Projection, i mean the mental projections we all do, like calculate the pleasure we are going to derive, after we upgrade our current phone or the pleasure we derive in thinking about the supposed vacation we can have after we save X amount of money every day. 

I think Projection is a great calibration tool, to measure or justify our actions in the now to achieve the desired effect in near or far future. A mental projection has a point or a basis from which it arrives. Its thinking about the probable realistic scenarios. 

Meanwhile Imagination doesn’t have a centre, its akin to day dreaming. You can imagine defying gravity, you can imagine you are a super hero. You can imagine in 10 years time you will have a private jet and would be worth 10bn $ . 

As we grow older, we imagine less and project more , i imagined great things about myself in the future as a kid. But the very definition of great things has changed in the future, I have achieved greater things but not what I had imagined. What i have achieved or life has given me is beyond my wildest imagination. 

Does this mean we can only imagine, based only on the information we have? we see a superhero movie or a martial art movie and imagine ourselves as the hero.

So iam beginning to think, Imagination is a useless tool while projection is a more pragmatic and useful tool to access your needs and desires.

Demystifying intuition

Intuition is the most abused word in recent times, any stupid person will take any random decision and base it on their so called “Intuitive Powers”.

But honestly decision making would be such a inefficient activity if people didn’t channel their intuitive powers.

One philosopher has defined “Intuition as nothing more than refined thinking”. There is no super power, no clairvoyance, just refined thinking. I have started believing that.

I have bull-shitted every person who claims to have intuitive powers, but embarrassingly I have relied on my intuitive thoughts to make some major relationship decisions.

Decisions are always based on certain assumptions or facts, and we take a calculated decision But in certain cases, the heart just follows contrary to what the facts and logical conclusion should be.

Intuition is a big mind fuck, it makes you pretty insecure, as you are about to loose control of what is known and enter into the murky or magical realm of the unknown.

Can we trust our intuition , this biological gift for survival has become a tool for making profits? Have we deteriorated or is this just a survival instinct?

The 3 kinds of love deals

The 1st deal –

If you love someone and the other doesn’t love you, you are bound to compromise, on everything and anything and make it work. Right?

The 2nd deal – 

If the other person loves you and you dont, than she/he would go to all extents to compromise, and make the relationship work out. 

Now which sound like a better deal?

The 3rd deal –

When both are equally in love with each other, now how will you know if they aren’t lying to make it work? The person lying might be in the relationship just because it is convenient, just because of habit. 

I am skeptical, is there anything like equal love? wouldnt it be lovers utopia. 


Water therapy for solving problems.

There are times when things dont go as planned. What is one supposed to do at such times?? All efforts at controlling your life and steering it to safety has been futile, do you give up and do nothing. 

No you dont, as such times when nothing is going your way, get a bottle of chilled water, drink a few glasses, maybe about 7/8 glasses in 15 minutes. You will immedaitely feel better. Water detoxifies, trust me. Further if things still dont fall in to place, drink more water, maybe another 15 glasses in 15 minutes. 

If at the end of this, your problems are either resolved or you have died due to accidental drowning.

Boredom = Freedom

Bored of your work

Bored of your life

Bored with your current relationship? Not yet?

Bored with the same sex positions? 

Bored with life not giving you a break

Bored with no money to go places

Bored with same old stupid friends

Bored with narcissistic people on Twitter, who wont follow you back.

Bored with Facebook

Bored with Anna? Nah

Bored with TV & Cricket?

Welcome, now you have some space to let new things fill you up, till you get bored with them. Move on! 

Boredom = Freedom, Ask yourself everyday, “Did I get bored today?” 

The lowest low is the new high

We all know the high feeling, when you feel on top of the world. We
make sure we move form high to highs , news targets , new challenges
to conquer, new milestones to pass. Life only gets better baby, stay
with me. Well , I am experiencing the opposite, having hit the bedrock of the
lows, have suddenly found the beauty and tranquility this low brings
in. No pumping adrenaline , just conscious about the reality. I no
more seek the high and want to traverse the peaks, I’m mighty good at
this bedrock of bliss. Something which I deprived myself, cause I thot
of myself as a hotshot flying from a peak to another higher peak.
Takes too much energy, and now everything flows to the depth.

That moment you lose everything

We keep losing people, we keep losing friends, we keep losing things
and sometimes and very rarely we lose ourselves.

At this moment, We don’t identify with anything, at times like these
we are no one, we are not brothers, we are not husbands, we are not
wives, we are not the successful person at work, everything is lost in
a moment. Yes, in the same moment, where existence asks us to come
undone, utterly naked and all exposed and vulnerable, drop all your
veils, look at the emptiness.

Just let it go, all that is unwanted is flowing away, cleansing you,
preparing you for another role to play, another clothes to wear. do
you feel happy about the new role, when you know everything is so
transient, and in one moment again, you will have to lose that friend,
the lover, the job, the children. Why does existence force us with such situations? Why does it remind
us about the fragile nature of things, why can’t we have the
confidence when the moment comes to let everything go, and start
again. Why is there a bad taste of pain in the heart, the stomach and
the body aches?

Why is there so much emptiness in letting go, just waiting for the
void to be filled by some another energy. Why can’t we all remain
empty and be assured in the feeling that we are all alone in this

What happens after the Tsunami?

We spend most part of our lives strengthening our relationships,
making our houses better, improving our financial portfolio and seeing
that our children become independent and secure. But one day a tsunami comes and wipes out everything, uproots the very
ground you laid the foundation of your home. Chances are you lose your
loved ones!

What happens next?? After you have been uprooted from your home, and
you have no one to call your own, what happens then? Will there be
someone who will lend you a hand, give you a home? What are the
chances, you will ever be fortunate enough to live a life of dignity
you had worked so hard to be deservedly living. Should a person commit suicide if he cannot live a life of dignity
which is the right of every individual? How much abuse can a person
take before he gives up, what happens after he gives up, does he get
up again and gets another shot at it?

Well, time will tell, and history is made of these tales!