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Discovering smoothie

I was not a fan of smoothie. I think a smoothie is made of yoghurt, while a milkshake is milk based. But anything blended well forming a homegenous mixture is what I would call a smoothie.

I dont like like the taste of milk and recently I have discovered that yoghurt don’t suit me. So my options is now limited to nut based milk like soya or almond. I use soya mostly as it’s much cheaper than almond milk and is a bit creamier than almond milk which is very watery.

Also if you research on the nutrients, soya milk has more protein than almond milk. So now to get all those fruits and the goodness inside me, I got this epiphany that a to blend them and gulp them would be the fastest and the tastiest way!

I got this Oster smoothie maker at Amazon for Rs 1750/- which is pretty good for the price. It has a bottle as a blender attachment which doubles up as a smoothie dispenser. Now that saves some washing time?

Also so I have been hearing every hipster talking about the goodness of chia seeds, not to be left behind, I got myself some chia seeds. 🙂


Puffed rice with Jaggery

Posted from: Maharashtra, IndiaI just thought I would share a breakfast recipe. I believe lot of
people from Konkan area have it, as it was shared by a Goan friend. It has 3 things I love
1) puffed rice
2) Jaggery ( gud)
3) Ghee

And you need some grated coconut and a powdered elaichi for taste. Mix all the ingredients and it will keep you filled up till 1pm.

And of-course have some good tea. I prefer Darjeeling but I am
settling for Assam tea today!