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Developing GRIT

Grit is the indomitable spirit in us. It’s the never say die attitude, never giving up and bouncing back
still higher, each time you hit rock bottom.

It is generating ideas at the speed of thought in face of extreme adversity. It’s what makes you ” hard” like a New Yorker or closer home a true
blue Mumbaite.

It is spinning magic or at-least doing some kind of “Jugaad”. It’s the difference between the spirit of a pet dog and the street dog.

Well, I just realised I lack in the GRIT department? So developing GRIT.

Love yourself part duex

In continuation to yesterdays post, one friend remarked that loving
yourself is accepting and loving yourself for who you are, as you are
( whatever that may be) Now this is where it becomes miserable? Isn’t it?

If I need to accept myself for what Iam? What I am is the key
question? What am I? Pls, how do i find this, so I can accept and
respect and love myself. I am a unique and weird person, there is no one like me, and there is
no one who is going to be like me till I am alive is what I think!!!

I guess, respecting the fact that you are unique and don’t fit in is
kind of very difficult, all our(my) efforts are to fit in the society.
Yet your mind screams you are so different!!!’ I want to emulate the successful neighbor who vacations abroad every year.

At the same the other part of me, hates the idea of vacations, I feel
with so many poor people whatever excess money one has, one should
distribute it. So am I what I think i am? if my idea of what I am is constantly
changing, does this mean I have to fall in love with myself every
moment to moment to love myself?

I know the discussion has taken a different turn, till yesterday it
was all about how to please yourself, or do what makes u happy, that
was easier, but today it is about loving yourself for what you are?
And nobody here knows what or who they are? There needs to be a simple explanation?

What does “Love yourself” mean to you.

All the spiritual masters or self-help books will repeat the same
thing. That “love yourself” than you can love others. I want to make a confession, I really don’t know how to love myself. Do you?

But I am determined to “love myself”, I even broke off with my
girlfriend of 5 years last week, saying that I don’t love you, I only
love myself!! So loving oneself can mean a lot of things.

To begin with I took the literal meaning that loving myself means
“self gratification” or “masturbation”, but after loving myself for 15 
times in a day, it sure didn’t feel right. Loving yourself is surely about pampering oneself, I think i do that
all the time, i work from home, I watch 2 movies a day(not everyday),
I buy e-books and audio books, I subscribe to some awesome music
services. But this kind of pampering has become more of a necessity
than luxury.

So i guess “loving yourself ” is doing whatever makes you feel good,
and this can change as per your needs? But need is a bad word right?
Err… Other theories!

Sometimes loving oneself is helping others, doing something for the
community, seeing a smile on someone’s face. Helping a friend to take
care of his troubled business venture. Visitng the insecure aunt.
Helping someone who can’t fend for themselves. Solve a problem and etc
etc. What One can do is question oneself “are you doing whatever you are
doing, is it out of insecurity or lack? Is it out of greed or need? (i
hate the word need) (replace with desire)

Or is it out of the pure joy of doing something and feeling great
about what your thoughts, words, actions bring about. Any insights into how to “love yourself or oneself” will be highly appreciated.