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The worst video post till now: Update Sep-Oct

update 3.0

Its  been a long time since I have updated my personal blog. I had developed a severe inferiority complex about my writing skills, as I have been reading some absolutely brilliant stuff on the web, thanks to my twitter feeds and my better half writing on facebook notes.(No Iam not married). She writes good!! (except love letters).

Here is one hilarious blog I came across just yesterday by textualoffender

Also I am going through a huge transition phase in terms of my professional life, I have told my client of 13 years, I don’t want his business, and hence have shut down my beautiful factory, cooling my heels, till I close my account with the client, sell my factory and file my income tax and start a new life.

I haven’t made any plans professionally my plan “is to be surprised”. But still I mean I need to have some POA, My POA is going to be driven by my desires and not by fear or greed, haha sounds fancy and freaky or maybe even naughty. I am very excited, I want to work on my blogs and make into money spinners, create communities around it, want to promote art and culture using technology, the possibilities would be endless.I want to use geo-tagging technology to connect my communities,use keywords search, SEO and so many things. But again “Life happens when you are busy making plans” I might just end up getting a job in a BPO, or become a cook:) or a gardener.Who knows, you have to keep watching this space:).

But then yaar woh bolte hai na “One Life why So serious”.So I happen to check out the new Honda car JAZZ, while i was busy waiting to test drive a Bullet. The Jazz is beautiful, but the ENFIELD BULLET was awesome, I felt like swiping my credit card  right there and then. But  ENFEILD is launching a sexy new Bullet in 2010. Also I have ran out of credit.I ended up buying a bicycle, its a beautiful bike, 18 gears!!!

For the time being I am stuck here in Jalgaon, trying to push people to work so I can get out fast.I went to Ajanta caves today for the 100th time, love the place!

Meanwhile finished listening to these audio books, Denial of Death by Ernest Becker, Outliers by Malcom Gladwell and Salman Rushdie’s old classic Midnight’s Children. Also hear few podcasts, my current favorite is Socially speaking by @sumayaakazi

Updates for feb

I went dancing after a long time,and it did me some good, the music, the thrill of going someplace and my dancing partner(date). My dance partner told me “I am flying” and i didn’t quite understand what she meant, until later she clarified her toes were barely touching the ground, I am glad i didn’t suffocate her, or i would have been the first person who actually murdered some one on the dance floor.

We all go through phases right, Initial years till maybe i was 24, I blamed my parents for all things not right in my life, and after that i would have loved to be blame my wife(now ex) for anything which went wrong,but since i was grown up i didn’t blame and tried to understand, i thought the generation after me, would be much more considerate and would realize that parenting is one of the toughest jobs in the world, and would “please stop blaming your parents”  for all your years they have wasted, they have tried to do their best, managing a career,home and “you” is not easy. How can a parent not love their own child,but parents are humans and they have the so many insecurities,problems, one can barely take care of one self,and to manage a house, and kids it a tough job, i m seriously thinking i should become a AGONY UNCLE, wot say???

There is another type of counseling which is much needed, is for someone who loses his job or when the his biz(danda) goes bust,I had to fire my manager who was with me for last 8-9 years, its so weird when you are associated with some one for so long, to suddenly realize you wont be working together and priorities have changed all of a sudden one day.I am working on my new strategy, that “Produce at the cheapest” so anything which is costing me more than its worth, i have to get rid off, some times the lines are thin and blurred, but i have got “vision” my “high maint” girl friend tells me:-).She is so sweet, the “cutest”. I don’t deserve her, so i push her to tell me “why us??”,She tells me we have a karmic bond, “that means we got to learn lessons” darn scary rite?.So anyone who has got some knowledge on karmic relations,please share,i need to teach some lessons:-)).