Review of Cobalt Blue by Sachin Kundalkar translated by Jerry Pinto

This is the first gay love story I have read. This translation of the Marathi book by Sachin Kundalkar by Jerry Pinto was highly recommended by one of the book clubs I had been too.

I was curious how a Marathi author would be talking about a taboo subject like gay love. I tried to write about gay love, but I just froze. I couldn’t write, it was block.

Sorry about the digression. Cobalt Blue is one of the most beautiful love stories one can read. If your child asks too many question about LGBT and stuff and you freeze, this is the book to give the child.

LGBT iS such a buzz word nowadays. But we really don’t know what is gay love. This book is the most sensitive portrayal of gay love. If you are a person who easily cries, than this book will make you cry a lot. I didn’t cry, but it can take you there.

The sex scenes are not there if you think it would be crude, a couple of intimate scenes are beautifully described. I am in complete awe of Sachin Kundalkar for writing such a brilliant story. What is more commendable is that the author was 22 when he wrote this book.

The book is a short read. So go ahead pick this up. If you are disappointed I will refund you.

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