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Lonely City, Why Loiter, Can’t get you out of my mind.


I can’t get her out of my mind is a wonderful song. There are some people, you can’t get out of your mind. I wish there was a book which would help one remove people out of your mind. The thing according to Ayn Rand is that we fall in love with people is because of their virtue. This means we fall in love with the person who is perfect, until the bubble bursts. Meditate on this line – Your flaws make you flawless. Coming back to Music here is another track by Massive Attack.. This song by Micheal Kiwanuka is beautiful.


This could make you lonely. It is our pursuit of perfection which makes us shun others and we end up all by ourselves. Yes, I am very lonely. No other author has articulated loneliness as good as Olivia Liang on Lonely City.  She has explored the lives of some prominent artists like Edward Hopper and Andy Warhol. Another Book I am reading is Why Loiter which written by 3 women authors. They go on exploring city women and their relationship with Public space. 

If I could write a song or a poem for every relationship

Today Leonard Cohen passed away, After reading this rather long piece by David Remnick, you realise most of his songs was autobiographical. Leonard had several romantic relationships, and he has beautifully portrayed them in his songs.

I have had my share of relationships and I realised how each one was beautiful and unique in some ways, but I am just not a poet or a songwriter to describe them like Leonard. I feel being a good writer or being able to express oneself is very important, as that’s the way the next generation, learns from the previous. My blogs are my work in progress to become a good communicator. I don’t think I will be the best, but the stories I tell will be exclusively mine so pure and authentic.

Check out Marianne by Leonard Cohen below.


Thanking all people who helped me on my path to Awareness! and some music for Saturday Night.

What a Year 2009 has been. I have never been so consciously aware of myself. I can say well I lived 2009 in awareness, and have taken some decisions fearlessly. What a beautiful year!!

So let me start by thanking people, in case you are embarrassed by my public display of love, please let me know, I will take your name off.

1)      _______________________

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Okay I was kidding. I would rather thank you all in person.

Yes, here is declaring that Im officially back from my sabbatical  and now on a work mode.(what’s the difference anyway?)

Leaving you with some of my favourite tracks, hope you enjoy your Saturday Night! Most of the good music in nowadays ihas been introduce by my dear friend Jai Talwar or by the RJ Malini who I follow on twitter.

1)      This is a Song by Corrine Bailey Rae Trouble Sleeping, love her voice and of course she is very attractive,

2)      Bob Dylan sings Lay lady Lay , cant get over the lyrics. Amazing ! My friend Jai has a book of poems by Bob Dylan.WOW!

3)      This a great and haunting tune On the Beach by Chris Rea

4)      This song was twitted by miss malini wonderful , warning if you listen to it, it will get stuck in your head, I can see Annu Malik copying this tune in 2010. Check Impossible by Daniel Merriweather

5)      Now this is the Super Duper HIT of 2009, check out this flash dance with Oprah watching awestruck , here you go I Got A Feeling – by Black eyed Peas