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Body Intelligence

 As long as I can remember, I have been fighting with my physical self, i.e., my body. As a young kid, I was always envious and in awe of my school mates, who excelled in physical sports & athletics. I had a friend who did like 100 meters in 14 seconds.

I always wondered why I could not run as fast as him. Once in school, a friend hit me on my back so hard; I had difficulty breathing, (it was just a game, like the first person who spots, will hit or something). I wondered what kind of strength he had. (He was a Muslim). Again one guy in school, almost caught me by my neck and lifted me in the air (or so I thought). No I wasn’t bullied as somehow I had the school bullies as friends, but these were some instances as growing up, I felt the physical powers of others.

Constant sickness, be it a stomach bug or sore throats and skin allergies were my favorite companions. Now I see my physical illness as a gift, not as a disease. I try to listen to my “body intelligence”. I don’t even listen to my mind. If my body says it can do something, I will do it. Otherwise, I won’t. It’s what you call “gut instinct.”

So I welcome any physical ailments like I would appreciate a teacher and learn from it, the lessons she wants to teach you. My life probably doesn’t need me to run the 100-metre race in under 14 seconds or do a full marathon. Maybe my life needs a little bit of sickness to make me rest a bit and appreciate all that that I have loved and lost.

in sickness & in health, I will be stand by you.

Till the time, you don’t push yourself, you don’t discover the biggest limitations of your life, which is undoubtedly your physical body. To fire on all cylinders means to live a life totally, with all its dangers and complexities, but there is a catch here.

The moment you start firing your 3rd barrel, (presuming you an economical four-cylinder car) you find yourself falling behind, the more your mind leaps ahead, the farther your body lags. You have two choices at this point 1) Pull a trigger and blow your fucking brains or 2) Listen to the adamant body, listen to your body intelligence, and slow down, and start aligning yourself with its nature.

Since I am alive, it can be safely presumed that I have chosen the more reasonable option 2.

As you try to reason out, the first question which comes to one’s mind is “Are you going to die and when?” “Do I have an incurable disease or something life threatening” (though all your reports are normal), but your suspicions persist. As you bear the pain, day in and day out you begin to wonder, “when will I get relief from this humiliating illness?”  or “Will I lead a life, limited by the inability to do things which an average person does and enjoys?”

An unhealthy person is unable to fulfill his commitments towards himself and to his loved ones. The sick body never can be good at work too. These are some of the most challenging thoughts which cross the mind when sick.

We usually blame ourselves for our sickness, like we shouldn’t have overeaten or binged on so many deserts. I know people with simple habits dying way too early in their life while the drunkards and the smokers are still alive and kicking.

There are two ways of dealing with your sickness again

1) To think that all that is happening to you is because of the wrong habits you have or the bad things you put into your body, both physically and emotionally.

2) Then there is another way, which I believe some African healers say is that your Health is the sum total of your environment (that includes your ancestors Karma also), and you can only do so much about it.

So I guess, as long as we desire to achieve more and more, we will realise our body disables us and keeps us grounded.






After 40 – You have been warned!

A couple of years back, a good friend and well-wisher who crossed 50 told me ” Manoj, our bodies change drastically after 40″. I looked at him like he had lost his marbles. I was fearless and used to think I can conquer the world.

Now well into my early 40’s, I feel my body is behaving strangely, my injuries don’t heal faster, I eat a lot less, I sleep rather early and wake a bit too early also.

I would go and add that there is significant change psychologically also. I don’t care for company, I spend almost all my time thinking about making money, the lust for the fairer sex is now very pragmatic. I don’t like going to music concerts or plays,  which I used to love earlier. But on the upside, I have started reading like crazy. I am reading about 8 books simultaneously.

One other notable thing that has happened to me in my 40’s is that I have developed a morbid fear of life. I have never experienced such constant persisting fear in my heart, but this is something I just can’t get over. Before 40’s, I felt, I almost had an inexhaustible source of energy, now it seems like a rapidly, exponentially diminishing source.

I don’t know, what others in their 40’s feel like. I know people in their 60’s going strong. Ram Jethmalani (93), still the top lawyer in the country, or Kabir Bedi getting married again at 70, and Sunny Deol (58) making a roaring comeback with Ghayal once again.

But I feel it is my duty warn the people who are headed this way!

Treat the other person if it was the last day of their life.

The-Survivors-Guide-What-You-Need-to-Know-and-What-You-Need-to-Do-When-Someone-Close-to-You-Dies-ByWe all have heard the cliche phrase that “Live life as it is the last day of your life” right? This doesn’t make sense, one is when you die, you are dead for other people, the dead person has no way of knowing if he is dead, his spirit lives on if you believe in the hindu way or you got to heaven or purgatory hell if you believe in other religions.

You live on even after your dead, maybe in a different world, but a dead person will not know he is dead. You can only know, if the other person is dead or alive. So when you meet or talk to a person, talk or act with that person if its their last day on this earth. Wouldn’t you then be kinder, gentler, caring to that person. Yes, be that.

Incase you are reading this blogpost, this is probably the last day of your life. Hugs and love to you then. Have fun in the other world.

The hidden benefits of dying.

We are all courageous enough to ask the question ” what is the point in living? ” but the real question I mean the only real question is “what are the benefits of dying? ”

Living is fun, it’s exciting, it’s intoxicating, it’s pleasurable , life has everything to offer. There is pleasure in the pain and the suffering also. Your pain and suffering define who you are not the other way round.

But dying? What’s the use? God way of cleaning the trash? All the bloody hardwork one does, all money you swindle, all people you bully, all the people you love and who love you back and God just decides one fine day you are trash and you need to be recycled in to a dog or a snake (if you believe in reincarnation) .

I think your dying is good for the world and for your immediate family more so. You clear the blocks for the future. Do you think Rajiv Gandhi would have been the PM if Indira wasn’t assassinated? Or SoNia G would be the congressperson riding on the huge sympathy wave? Or Namo would have been a PM candidate if he wasn’t accused of so many killings?

Disclaimer – yes, I do write more about death and I have no such pre-nomination of my death.

Expanding your consciousness.


Consciousness as defined by UGK is the content of your being. Everything which makes you.

Sometimes, I feel the space around me contracting, people sucking the life out of me for their own desires, their fears, they project on your consciousness they demand answers to question, they feel it’s their fundamental right to own your time and attention and bring you down on your knees. Strangers asking for attention, marketers demanding you go and buy their products. Everyone wants to be a part of your consciousness but you need to be true to your calling your goal and not let it become impure.

When consciousness expands you see things in slow motion, you see things with better focus, and not just a random noise, you see things which you are meant to see. This is to reach your life goal, rest of the things really don’t matter. So no personal hard feelings towards those who were not paid their dues, no hard feelings for not calling up, no hard feelings for not loving you.

I am just following the divine will.

If you feel overwhelmed and feel your consciousness contracting, relax , forget about your petty problems , appreciate this wonderful world for just the way it is and you will see the world expanding.

Looking at intuition in retrospect.

I am a skeptic when words like intuition, magic and esoteric rituals are referred too.

It seems very loony to get involved in these stuff, but I have been greatly influenced by such people who believe in these stuff.

Now looking in retrospect I see signs of my childhood intuition coming true. While I was a kid, every time I used to travel to Bandra, my eyes would get tranfixed on a store called “Satguru’s ” on linking road. Now after 30 years I moved into a house which is opposite Satguru’s.

Again whenever I used to go to Nariman Point I would be very curious about NCPA , my parents never went to NCPA but I do feel extremely blessed whenever I am at NCPA (one of my most favourite place in Mumbai) .

Were these childhood sense of wonder just a sign about what the future holds for me. What if I was more aware of the subtle signs in the universe, would it have been easier for me to navigate this treacherous world with my own mental blue print.

Now I’m exercising my mind to back in time and explore those hidden groves of the memory lanes to find more clues for the treasure life awaits.


Quantum Leap of consciousness.


Since you guys follow me, you must all be very well how quantum physics or quantum mechanics works. Well, actually no one in the world knows how it works, so lets not kid ourselves.

Quantum mechanics is the study of electrons (or something like that) where the electrons exhibits un-predictable behaviour while moving around its orbits. It basically jumps randomly and its like, now its here in africa for a moment and the next moment its in antartica. (You get the drift?) . Hence the electrons has infinite probabilities of choosing a orbit or a path. So some modern new age philosophers now say that science can support and explain some supernatural or mystical behaviour. Anyway lets cut the jargon.

In a practical sense for a human being , if right now you have “X’ number of problems. and if in the next moment its been completely replaced by “Y” number of problems. How would you feel? Yes, thats is possible, you create your own destiny, you choose what you are.

Now the tricky part is choosing, the choosing “for a 3 bedroom house” has to happen in a non-ego state, then only the quantum law applies. ( I would highly recommend the movie “The Quantum Activist ” to understand all this in depth).

Ofcourse the catch is to reach the non-ego state? how does it happen? Be aware?

Bless you with the small joys of life!

The knock

There was a knock on the door, I opened the door and she said “Oops, looks like i got the wrong house” She smiled, I gave a welcome smile (which said pleasure was all mine)”.

I will never see her again, but yes she made me happy by the dazzling smile of hers.

Lucky Restaurant

You go to a restaurant, its packed to capacity, the manager could easily say “cannot accommodate” since you are a single person and wont add much to the revenue, but then he treats you respectfully, makes some arrangement and gives you a good seat. You smile and say thank you.

My Rs 200/ bill probably didn’t much difference in his bottom line, but he made my dinner!

Sitting all alone

There you are just sitting, without any thoughts and suddenly you feel fireworks in your heart, you are celebrating for no reasons and its all in silence. It lasts for a few seconds if not minutes.

You don’t know what happened to you, what made you so orgasmically happy. You thank God.

Flying Kisses

You are in a foul mood, you start your car and waiting to cross over, when some girl blows flying kisses as part of her dare bet with her bestie.

You are stunned and then laugh it off. But it made your evening.

Salsa Class

Learning dance is complex, you feel so inadequate, but then you cant escape all the time saying you cannot dance and have 2 left feet. (especially if you are a promoter and evangelist).

Your partners try to be nice to you, touch your hand and say you kind of nailed it. You are encouraged to try more complex patterns.

These are some of the small joys in my life, and for now this is what keeps me going.

Joy of Giving

Now when it comes to giving someone the best, you need to know what is the best and should have necessarily experienced the lack and the fulfilment of the so called “best” . For eg. If you need to recommend some haute restaurant or dish, you need to have experienced it first hand or atleast have some first hand information about the same. 

So we are all in a race to experience the “BEST” that the world has to offer and share with the person we love and treasure.

So while you are on your so called “best experience gathering trip” which takes all of your resources, a few dear and near ones will have to sacrifice the idea that you might have anything of you to share with them as you are using all the vital resources in gathering your “BEST LIFE EXPERIENCES”.

Now is there a way, that the loved one doesn’t get neglected while you are on your mission to conquer the world, is there a way the other person doesn’t have to sacrifice so that you may have the best?

So instead of compromising and adjusting for the other and sacrificing our cherished desires and expectation, we still move head on to get the best for us? 


I have decided not to demand or expect anything at all from any other person, If I have nothing to offer, I have no right to demand. This is my lesson in “GIVING”. I want to give without expecting anything. Iam not sacrificing any of my desires for the other, so there is no chance of attachment. I will just experience and cherish the joy of giving without looking back to whats in it for me. 

Its the only way, I can feel not guilty. I have went for all I wanted, and have not cared for anyone else. This is the grand jury which says Iam guilty and my punishment is to “give” and not expect to receive. 

(A thought,  just pouring it out ) 

Keep Calm.

life is nothing else, but just one long arduous journey towards death. So are you going to go down fighting or are you going to go down without any fuss. In either case Keep Calm.

Demystifying intuition

Intuition is the most abused word in recent times, any stupid person will take any random decision and base it on their so called “Intuitive Powers”.

But honestly decision making would be such a inefficient activity if people didn’t channel their intuitive powers.

One philosopher has defined “Intuition as nothing more than refined thinking”. There is no super power, no clairvoyance, just refined thinking. I have started believing that.

I have bull-shitted every person who claims to have intuitive powers, but embarrassingly I have relied on my intuitive thoughts to make some major relationship decisions.

Decisions are always based on certain assumptions or facts, and we take a calculated decision But in certain cases, the heart just follows contrary to what the facts and logical conclusion should be.

Intuition is a big mind fuck, it makes you pretty insecure, as you are about to loose control of what is known and enter into the murky or magical realm of the unknown.

Can we trust our intuition , this biological gift for survival has become a tool for making profits? Have we deteriorated or is this just a survival instinct?

The Utility of fear!

If you read any nouveau spiritual book, you will read tons of advice on why not to act in fear, why not to worry and how to overcome fear. 

I have read these books and advises, of-course they make a pertinent point, also if you speak to your close ones, they will always try to instil fear in you, cause they don’t want the worst possible thing to happen to you. 

But then there are times, when you are yourself faced with a worse case scenario, its a state of indecision which creates conflict and hence the fear. When we are unsure about ourselves, when the very ground which we thought was firm is shaken. This is the point we begin to explore something much deeper, profound and meaningful. 
Fear helps in pushing the energy inwards and fighting it or defeating it, might be counter productive. why not use the force of fear carry you to where you are meant to be, not where you want to be.

Facing your worst fears

The reasoning that I have to face my worst fear to over come them sounds ironical and a bit diabolically sucidal. But it maybe be indeed true. How else does one overcome them, my karma needs to be expatiated, if i dont overcome them or pass them, I will face them again and again till I adapt and evolve. 

Anlogically speaking, if you are afraid of water , learn to swim or die, but you need a coach. In real life, your friends,community,clients, relations the entire humanity is your coach, cajoaling you to become and be and accomplish and acheive what your higher purpose in life is to be. 

Bonfire of the Ego

Who Am I? 

The best answer to this question was given by Osho.
He says, when you ask yourself who you are, and you get a answer. Than thats what you are not, discard the same. Ask again, and then again discard it. Keep on doing this, peeling every ego identity of yours, and finally in the end, you are there.
Other idea is to light a bonfire and mentally/visually throw each of your identities(ego) in to the bonfire. I remind myself to do this often, doing this every moment would be so wonderful i think.
Lets light up a bonfire, and dance and make merry.

Weekend Kundalini energy!

I realise that weekdays I am too restless, I don’t sleep at night, i get worked up. The weekdays are where I pursue material, worldly things, its makes the kundalini energy flow north-south instead of south-north. I am not a kundalini expert, but i can feel all the energy concentrated in my lower chakras on weekdays, I am so tensed. 

Weekends I get spiritual, I read spiritual books, I go check out musical concerts or attend some friendly jamming session in the neighbourhood. I meet people sometimes, go for a dance class, hugs are exchanged, gratitude expressed, food served. All izz well on weekends.
The Kundalini energy rises , travels south-north in the spine. I can sleep better.

Death of desires

You desire something so badly and you just cannot get it, how long
would you strive before you give up? Is the giving up in your own
hands or the desire has to subside and die off? or one has to become
old and wither off? Peace of mind will only come in 2 situations 1) If you get what you
DESIRE OR 2) If you just forget about it altogether.

But if your being craves for that object of desire, you will burn in
hell, you wont settle for something else. I am tormented, my desires
are small, but I cant give up on something, I cannot compromise with
life, I would rather break than bend. I wish i could kill my desire,
so I could be in peace, knowing that what I want is just way out off
my means and just give it up forever. I wonder why I have raised my
standards so high that i cannot settle or less, or am I just blind. I don’t understand why I have this particular desire and not
some-other particular desire which I could full-fill and have the self
confidence of having achieved it.

Death of a desire comes like a relief, I am tired with having desires
which cannot be met. Please GOD Kill these desires so I can rest in
peace and be born again.

My formula to develop compassion within

I am generally mean, I am bitter, I am angry and I am full of sarcasm
on my best days. When I see others around me having everything which I
don’t have, I think its fucking not fair that the lord up there,
thought he should deprive me of all the wonderful things. Also if he
intended me to strive for all those things which I don’t possess he
should have blessed me with some unique talents or genius. This makes me extremely bitter at my deepest core and I all let it out
in person if am fortunate enough to have some human company OR
otherwise twitter is my vent.

The only thing wrong with this frame of mind is that the only person
who gets hurt with this is the self. So I was thinking about a formula
where I don’t get jealous of people or envy them or ridicule them, but
instead have compassion for them. My formula is , If someone has lot of money or lot of love or lot of
happiness, just think of that person as an extension of yourself. Get
yourself to believe that the person is just a caretaker of your money,
love or happiness, till you finish the petty job which GOD has asked
you do.

So the logic is, you live in a feeling of abundance, just seeing other
people having a good time, since they are all part of you, you are
connected so intimately that their happiness, their abundance is
transmitted to you and you are enriched. Now with this frame of mind, i feel immense love for the likes of
Mukesh Ambani and other rich billionaires. I have compassion in my
heart for these people.

I don’t know, if you understand this post. Just a idea, I am trying to
live with, to become a nicer person. 🙂

5 Star Meditation

At home there are too many bothers, home reminds me of all the things
I need to do, there is always a big TODO list at home. Would you
believe it I even have to get up and take my own glass of water and
make my own beverage or use the airconditoner remote to adjust the

Then there is the 5 star service. They are always eager to upgrade you
to a better plane of wellbeing and existence. Its not that they
haven’t been affected by the city ailments but they are the best
places in mumbai to be. Example : When I complain, “There is too much
noise in the lounge because of the IPL and also besides your coffee
shop, you have the banquets where “shell india” is doing some kind of
thingamajig where corporates slaves in red uniform are let loose and
WTF you even have a baisakhi festival adding to the chaos! what is
this place coming to?” The beautiful customer service lady who smiles
to you like Madhuri Dixit (who you fall in love immediately) tells
you, ” Sir, Try the wine bar, thats the quietest place you can find”.

You are given the best possible place with a view of the city, a place
where at a distance you can witness the mad city and the ocean or the
lake. You are in control of the city for once, here you can block the
noise, and the disgusting smell which haunts us the moment we are out
in the city. Someone brings you a big tall glass of beverage with no
expense sparred on the ice-cubes and you are already meditating on
cloud no. 9. When you finally have meditated enough , you can take a pee break,
there is always a man in the mens room to look after you, to rescue
you incase your pee apparatus gets jammed in the zipper, he
understands you are not in this world. He will wish you niceties and
then offer you liquid soap and then some tissues to clean you hands,
he even notices your hands are not fully dry and asks you if you would
like one more tissue. He intuitively senses how important it is for
your hands to scrupulously clean when you go back to meditate.

After the meditation is done, you glide back to reality ask whether
you need to pay, they inform you ” No Sir, you have given positive
energy to this place, the drink is on us” . Someone gets your car, and you drive away with 5 star state of mind.