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Sleep when you are sleepy and not when you are tired.

We all sleep. Some sleep less and do more and some sleep a lot but still do less. Now, I am not an expert on sleep, but recently I had this epiphany.

Let me share with you the secret of how to get sleepy when you are nearing bed time. A few weeks ago, I decided to get up and walk around my neighbourhood in the morning. When I went on these walks, I observed that I was sleepy when it was near Bed time. There were many days, I couldn’t get time for that morning walk and since I work from home. My body clock gets confused. Yes, the technical term for this is circadian rhythm.

The circadian rhythm increases the melatonin in your body and reduces the cortisol. The melatonin boost acts as the body’s Janitor, its job is to cleanse and get rid of toxins.

When you go to sleep when tired rather than sleepy, your body hasn’t produced enough melatonin. The janitor hasn’t been able to do much work of cleansing.

Dont let your parents wake you Up!

Here is a story about my childhood. 

Every morning during my school days I was dragged out of my bed at 6.30 am , given a bath and hair oiled and sent to school to attend at 7.30 am. I HATED IT!!! 

The point I want to make is, it is not really important to wake up in the morning, the phrase “Early bird catches the worm” is a medieval quote and not relevant to our times. During medieval times, there was no electricity and people had nothing to in the late evening so they went to BED early and woke up at dawn, continuing to do so in the INDUSTRIAL AGE, where a person had to reach the factory before the bell rings.

The whole sleep cycle was invented for people to work and be better in factories assembly lines. So unless you are a working in assembly line, there is no need to wake up on time. 

So the question to ask PARENTS is

Do your parents want you work in factories when you grow up? Is it the reason they are spending all their HARD EARNED money on your education. If the answer is NO, tell them to leave you alone and let you sleep it out.